4 Pics 1 Word - All the levels with team image

Food in a glass jar, A black steamer, Steam engine ship, and Vegetables in a steamer
Misted window, A train with smoke coming out of the engine, Heavy smoke in the air, and Steam coming out of a shouting man's ears
A group of figures forming a pyramid shape, A line of ladies, Team players huddled together in a circle, and Group of doctors performing a surgery
Windmill, Steam, Lightning, and Light bulbs
Gold trophy cup, Soccer team carrying trophy, Horse racer and jockey, and Championship boxing belts
A chemical plant with steam coming out, A car exhaust, A pile of garbage, and A man covering his face with a white mask
Woman with curlers in hair, Man with ears steaming, Girl holding polka dot shoes, and Woman screaming with crazy hair
Green sign with people and arrows, Man putting together something, Car factory, and Team in a huddle
Girls dancing at the club, Crowd of people, Golf club, and Team huddling in red
Golf club and ball, Man ironing shirts clothes, Metal silver machine, and Steaming ironing board