4 Pics 1 Word - All the levels with standing image

Teacher looking at children's work in class, Toddler playing with toys, Man standing in front of a fruit market, and Girl playing with toys in a class
People standing on a bus stop, Train passing with red light on signal, Three people sitting in an area, and Traffic jam
Large group of people, Cartoon holding a gun, People dancing together, and Man and woman standing in front of a car
Cartoon in snow, Statue in front of golden balls, Cartoon with green dress, and Two elves standing beside a house
Man walking on the beach, Surfer in the sea, Man wearing swimming costume, and Woman standing on the beach
Girl wearing a hat, Car's bonnet open, Toddler wearing a bonnet, and Girl with a hat standing on the road
Group on the drums, Three children walking together, Queen's guards marching, and Cartoons standing together
Man standing with hat, Cartoon tossing coin, Picture with no head, and Coin on two fingers
Drops of water, Falling rain drops, Girl standing with umbrella, and Drop of water on leaf
A compass, A girl standing on a boat looking through binoculars, A floating tube, and An anchor
Boxes on a trolley, A man standing near boxes holding a paper in his hand, A newborn baby, and A deliveryman with a pizza box in his hand
Two beach chairs, A girl wearing sunglasses lying at the beach, Figures of people standing in the water with arms in the air, and A chair and an umbrella in the beach
Penguins in the snow, Penguins playing together in the snow, The close-up of a penguin, and A bunch of penguins standing on the ice
Wolf howling with a full moon in the background, Werewolf howling in the full moon, A wolf with sharp pointed teeth, and A werewolf standing in the full moon
A spreadsheet, The unit marks of a ruler, A man standing in front of a timeline drawn on a board, and Timeline marked with the words "Past", "Now" and "Future"
Coat hanging on a stand and a lady standing beside it, Women wearing a pearl necklace, Girl wearing a long beaded necklace, and Cartoon girl wearing a short blue dress
A girl standing at the cashier's counter in a store, A line of people standing at the cashier's counter, A couple sitting together looking at the laptop, and A house in one hand and a piggybank in the other hand
A pair of purple sneakers, Man holding a stick with mountains in the background, 2 people wearing backpacks, and 3 people standing in the greenery with arms in the air
Two wheeled object, A person on a Segway, Segway's lying in the garden, and Two people standing on Segway's
A couple standing happily, Colorful human figures jumping in the air, Streamers decorated on a wire, and A fruit market
Person holding two flags, standing on a heap of flags, Six sketched figures playing soccer in different positions, A person trying to goal while playing soccer, and The score board in a soccer field and cheering audience
A beast standing in a dark forest, Ancient Egyptian art on a vase and plates, A Frankenstein thinking about brains, and A frog wearing a crown
A baseball inside a glove., Girl standing on a tree bridge over a pond playing with net., Four birds catching a ball with their beaks, and A baseball lying inside a glove beside a baseball bat
Lady sitting at a cash register, Man sitting at a desk giving cash to another person, People standing at the cash counter in a store, and Lady standing at the cash counter
4 tiny balls, Person withdrawing cash from the ATM machine, Person getting money from the ATM machine, and Man standing at the ATM machine
Man sitting on the footpath reading a newspaper, Containers, People with luggage standing at the taxi stand, and Green bushes alongside the road
3 sandwiches in a plate, A subway tunnel, Girl standing in an alley, and 2 people standing with luggage
Vegetables and wine on a table, A fancy cuisine, A cartoon cook, and A cook standing in the kitchen
Dog hanging out of a car's window, Sea storm, Lady standing on the beach in a windy weather, and Women getting blown away by the wind
Drawing of person standing in the rain with an umbrella, Man standing in the rain with an umbrella, Heavy rainfall, and Rain drops falling to the ground
Man wearing colorful socks, Colorful stripped socks, Person standing on the weight machine wearing socks, and Person standing on the carpet wearing white socks
A curved red figured, A curvy pathway, Women standing with her hand on the back, and Curvy road in the mountains
Big container truck, Two figures standing on different sides of an area, Two groups standing on different sides of a line, and Group of people holding a cloth
A silver container, Group of small colorful human figures, Person's feet on a weighing machine, and Priest standing at the back of a podium
A bowl with food in it, A yellow bowl with food in it, A person standing in front of a chalkboard, and A big pan with food in it
A bunch of people with megaphones, A bunch of people marching, A bunch of people standing in groups with signs, and A drawing of a fist in the air
A woman with her mouth opened and red letters coming out, A person standing with letters next to her, A woman getting her eyes checked, and A cartoon mailbox
A man pointing his finger, Two men helping each other out, A man talking to a woman with a microphone, and A woman standing in front of two people
A drawing of a typewriter, A black and white drawing on a man standing by a table, A woman sitting and drinking by her computer, and A typewriter on a desk
A city with four taxis next to each other, A walkway, A bunch of people standing around, and A road with tall buildings
A bunch of people standing next to each other, Two people helping one another, A person consoling another person, and Two people in black suits
A cartoon figure with a black top hat on, A metal spinner, A colorful spinner, and A person standing on the top of a bar graph
A solider with a gun in hand, Toy soldiers, People tugging on a rope, and Soldiers standing in a row
A man standing underneath a large icicle, An exclamation mark on a yellow sign, A person walking a tight rope above sharks, and A person getting pushed off a cliff
A girl shivering, A girl wearing a scarf standing next to icicles, A boy looking cold, and A freezing temperature
A black blazer and blue button up shirt, A man holding open a blazer, A person cleaning a steering wheel, and A person standing next to a nice red car
A woman sitting a desk looking at paper work, A woman standing in front of a book case, Scales of justice, and A man carrying a black briefcase wearing a suit
A person standing and holding a computer, A bunch of people protesting, A food area, and A waiting area in white
A child in a blue shirt, A person watering a plant that is pointing up, A bar graph with a person standing on the tallest one, and A plant that is blooming
A boxer with white gloves lying on the ground, A boxer standing over another boxer lying down, A woman standing in front of a door, and A red bowling ball hitting a bunch of white pins
A person sitting on top of a filled suitcase, A person standing behind a pile of books, A person sitting down with a big bag on top of their lap, and A person stuffing their face with food
A field with a white object in the middle, A man standing in front of a chalk board with an arrow going up and down and then up, A man drawing stick figures in a circle with one red in the middle, and A person shooting a bow and arrow
A gold and silver medal, A person in green shooting a gun, A woman wearing a green outfit with a red hat, and A bunch of people in green standing next to each other with their hands behind their back
A fire behind an enclosed glass, A person dressed in red and black holding a gun, An animal standing up, and A dog staring
A white Chess piece, A person standing next to animal, A person doing gymnastics, and A wooden object with a saddle
A man in a tuxedo holding something, A collage of couples together, A bride and groom standing next to each other, and A man and woman cooking
A group of people around a desk, Two people shaking hands, Four people in business suits standing next to each other, and A group of people in all black
A cartoon drawing of Albert Einstein with a pointer, A child lying down with mathematical signs above him, A child standing in front of a green chalkboard with different formulas written on it, and A baby in a diaper with glasses
Sheets of paper coming out of a printer, A woman sitting at a desk with a headset on, A group of people standing close to one another, and A line of cars in traffic
A woman talking in to a microphone, Two women standing next to each other, Four cartoon birds in different colors, and Cartoon character kids standing together in the snow
A theater covered by dark clouds, Musical notes, A bunch of people standing together and singing, and Cartoon characters daning in front of a red and white screen with a red curtan
A drawing of a green field with a blue background and white objects in the sky, A castle surrounded by water, A plaid piece of cloth, and Two animals standing next to teach other in the snow with a fence behind them
A DJ table, Someone pressing a remote, A lake with rocks and trees, and A dark area with a white line on the side and someone standing at the bottom
A snake, A person wearing a mask and holding something up, A cloud of smoke with a brown and white pipe under it, and An orange can with a spray at the top standing over a flower
People standing in front of a big badge object, Brick objects around a garden, A graffiti wall, and A walkway seen in China