4 Pics 1 Word - All the levels with sitting image

Man holding a gun with dog sitting on the side, Man checking with binoculars, Jockeys riding horses, and Person circling an ad on a paper
People standing on a bus stop, Train passing with red light on signal, Three people sitting in an area, and Traffic jam
Many people sitting in an area, Image of a person sitting and a clock, Woman sitting on a chair, and Man serving drinks
Food and drinks at a picnic spot, Couple sitting in a park, Couple sitting by water, and Picnic basket
Outdoor sitting area, Food and drinks, Rust-colored balance, and Cutlery placed on wooden table
Woman wearing rollers, Woman taking a picture of herself, Dog with rollers sitting, and Woman wearing rollers on brown hair
Sparrow sitting on a tree, Image of a sparrow and a heart, Two sparrows on a branch, and Colored pictures of birds
Huge door in the shape of a semicircle, Open door which is round on top, Woman sitting on knees, and Foot arch
Building with gothic architecture, Woman wearing black clothes, Sketch of an old building, and Crow sitting in a graveyard
Two shoes on a mat, Two letters on a mat, Dog sitting on a doormat, and Black doormat
Jockey on a horse, Warriors fighting on horses, Man sitting on a horse, and Man riding a horse with a gun
Family on a picnic, Couple sitting under a tree, Couple walking in a park, and Hiker with sun setting behind
Woman in a suit travelling on a unicycle, A man riding a unicycle, A penguin sitting on a unicycle, and A unicycle
A beach with a palm tree, Juice in the shell of a pineapple,  Juice in coconut shells, and Two blue and yellow parrots sitting on a branch
Children sitting happily in Santa clothes, A man jumping in the air ecstatically, A couple cuddling with a baby, and A plate of dessert
An old man wearing a white turban, Drawing of a face with a turban on the head, A girl wearing a turban, and A man wearing an orange turban sitting on a rock
Backyard with flowers and a sitting area, A garden with a barrel wheel barrow and forks, A sitting area with potted plants, and A bench and plants
Groups of colorful objects, A group of people sitting together with a paper, A band with musical instruments, and Three kids playing together
A child sitting in the sand box, A child making things in the sand, A kid sitting in a sandbox, and A women and a baby in the sandbox
A shrine, Lady sitting cross legged in a room, Image of a building, and A wall with the painting of robed man
Man playing the violin, A man sitting at the bar with a wine glass in front of him, Two men playing the piano & trumpet while one man is singing, and Man in a hat playing the trumpet
A man sitting at the counter with a wine glass in front of him, A man in hat blowing a trumpet, Man playing a trumpet, and A man wearing a hat singing in the mic
A man holding a crossbow, A robin sitting on a branch, Robin sitting on a bark, and A cartoon bird
Man sitting at the kitchen counter reading a book, A chef cap, cooking dish and a recipe book, An open book with a spoon on it, and A book, pepper container and spoons
A girl standing at the cashier's counter in a store, A line of people standing at the cashier's counter, A couple sitting together looking at the laptop, and A house in one hand and a piggybank in the other hand
2 ladies looking at a paper, Bride and groom along with the guests, A man and a women chatting, and A man sitting in front of a laptop
Girl sitting in a chair at a terrace, View of palm trees and boats in clear blue water, View of a beach with palm trees, and A wooden chair alongside the pool
Pink petals, A lady bug sitting on a flower, Candles and red petals, and Petals
A cupboard with one drawer open, Man sitting at a desk with hands on his head, Files and a laptop, and A bunch of files and folders
A tank, The cover of a wedding magazine, Child sitting in a room with posters, and The cover of cooking book
A horse race, A slot machine with 3 hearts, People sitting playing poker, and A roulade wheel with a white ball inside it
Green fungus, A toad sitting in a pond covered in algae, Water covered in green fungus, and Green algae on the land
Wooden beams on a house, Wooden roof of a house, A man sitting on a raft in the water, and A roof made of wooden beams
A man travelling on a raft in the water, Men in a raft, A raft in the middle of the water, and Group of people with oars sitting in a raft
A furry stuffed teddy bear, A little girl hugging a kitten, A white and grey rabbit sitting on grass, and A stuffed brown teddy bear.
Lady sitting at a cash register, Man sitting at a desk giving cash to another person, People standing at the cash counter in a store, and Lady standing at the cash counter
A cartoon zombie, A spacious living room, Paper with blue ink writing on it, and Happy group of people sitting in the grass
A lady looking at an item in a store, Girl sitting at a restaurant table, Girl getting her hair styled at a beauty parlor, and Man serving tea to people sitting at a table
Man sitting on the footpath reading a newspaper, Containers, People with luggage standing at the taxi stand, and Green bushes alongside the road
Lady sitting in a towel robe, Women cleaning her face with a napkin, An athlete wiping his forehead to clean the sweat, and A sweating boy running fast
Nail polish being applied on the nails, Lady sitting at a dressing table, Cuticles being applied on the nails, and Different types of nail polishes and brushes
A smiling couple lying in the hammock, A couple and a child sitting together lovingly, Women kissing a baby, and A women hugging a man from the back
Clouds handing by the threads, Man sitting on a chair in a cloudy weather, View of the clouds in the sky, and Ocean with clouds overhead
Man sitting in a pile of clothes, Crumpled pieces of paper along with cups, A couch full of wrinkled clothes, and Pile of crumpled pieces of paper
Group of men on horses, A man sitting on a horse, Enemy trying to cross the castle wall in a cradle, and A battle scene
A  big house, Green grass and plants in the porch of a house, A house with a very lighted porch, and Man sitting on a chair in the porch of a house
Green trees alongside trees, A naked man sitting in a room, Tropical forest, and A dehumidifier
Two people sitting on a sofa, A spacious room with a couch, Women lying down on the sofa working on a laptop, and Room with a vase and a couch
Man cleaning the street side, Machine lying on the curb, Man on a wheel chair getting onto the sidewalk, and Man sitting on the curb
Red fruits on a twig, A twig, Thin wooden branches, and 3 birds sitting on a twig
Man working in a laboratory, Lady sitting doing her work, Doctor checking the blood pressure of a man, and Paper and pens
A frog sitting on the grass, Big fat toad, 3 frogs sitting onto each other, and Brown fat toad
Man wearing a robe and holding a stick, Men sitting on a table, The governor house, and A badge with the letters "VOTE" written on it
Group of graves, Crow sitting on a grave, Child putting a candle on a grave, and A graveyard
A baby sitting, A person sitting on a bench, A person sitting in a movie theater, and A toilet
A drawing of two people with wings, A person with wings sitting, A cartoon drawing of someone with wings, and A cartoon drawing of two people swinging from a tree
Two bowls with different colored foods, Two people sitting on the couch eating, A movie clipboard and box of food, and A person spilling their food
A man and a woman talking, A man and a woman sitting next to each other, A bunch of people sitting around a desk talking, and A man shaking hands with another man
A construction worker with a yellow helmet on, A person smoothing over a wall, A green bush, and A person sitting in a wheelbarrow
A drawing of a typewriter, A black and white drawing on a man standing by a table, A woman sitting and drinking by her computer, and A typewriter on a desk
A cartoon drawing of a red chair, A person with a crown sitting on a chair, A big red chair, and A red chair with a crown and stick next to it
A man in a suit, A woman typing, A woman sitting down, and A woman getting her eyes checked
A construction holding an object, A cartoon red house with a figure sitting on it, A person screaming at his computer, and A Judge's utensil
A person holding their leg, A woman holding her leg, A woman sitting and holding her leg, and A person holding a particular part of their leg
A black and white picture of people sitting at a desk, A man praying with Rosary Beads, Icons with all different beliefs and religious symbols, and
A bicycle on a wall, A bicycle in the tall grass, A person sitting next to their bicycle, and A motorcycle
A woman staring at an airplane taking off, A green icon with a white airplane, A woman carrying her luggage, and A woman sitting on a chair with a suitcase
Mom and baby, Sitting on shoulders, Kissing check, and Son hugging mom
A boy thinking in front of a chalk board, A woman sitting at a kitchen table with her face in her hands, A person with a large red question mark, and A girl deciding between two dresses
A large purple couch, A blue bean bag chair, A girl sitting on a red chair, and Colored balls
A large building, Students walking to class, Students sitting outside, and A concrete path
Birds flying around cages, A captured bird, A cat sitting on top of a cage, and A
A person writing, Children in a classroom, a girl sitting at her desk, and A girl in school
A window with bars and sunlight, A person sitting in a jail cell, A person trapped in a jar, and A person behind bars
A girl sitting on a red ball lifting weights, Feet on a scale, Dumbell, and Workout weights
Two girls talking on the couch, A bunch of figures with blue thought bubbles, Old men talking to eachother, and A group of people sitting in a circle on the floor
A girl talking in her mother's ear, A man saying osmething in a woman's ear, A couple sitting at dinner talking closely, and Two girls telling secrets
A girl in handcuffs holding her hands to her face, A  bunch of fingers pointing to one man, A gavel and an open book, and A girl sitting crouched alone on the floor
A woman sitting a desk looking at paper work, A woman standing in front of a book case, Scales of justice, and A man carrying a black briefcase wearing a suit
A prisoner behind bars, Black and white striped pants, A hand reaching out behind bars, and A person sitting in a jail cell
Two people sitting next to each other, A woman looking in the mirror, A person thinking of something, and A computer displaying something
A gold airline pin, A person lying on the couch, A living room, and Two people sitting down and reading
A man with his hands on top of his head, A person's face behind a bunch of books holding up a sign that reads, "Help.", A person lying down on  a couch while a person sits up and talks to them, and A person sitting at a desk with a bunch of papers an
A bunch of people sitting down in front of a stage, A person presenting something to people, A computer device attached to a bunch of others, and A person cooking outside while people sit outside
Cartoon business man, Man sitting down in front of red bar graph, Man in jail cell, and Man looking upset with face in hands
A bunch of children sitting at desks coloring, A woman and child sitting at a table coloring, A painting, and A person's hand painting
Thumbs up sign, Girl with arms wide open at work, Group of people holding dollar bills, and Man sitting in front of rising graph
A person doing a trick with their skateboard, A person staring at a black chalkboard, A bunch of people sitting around a desk, and A person snowboarding
A person sitting on top of a filled suitcase, A person standing behind a pile of books, A person sitting down with a big bag on top of their lap, and A person stuffing their face with food
A scarf, A person sitting at green table with playing cards and chips in front of them, Origami figures in different colors, and A person's hands put together
A person going inside a trash can, A person in cardboard sitting on a chair thinking of something, A person taking out the trash, and A bunch of different colored trash bins
A bunch of people sitting around a desk, A group of icons with different flags above their head surrounding the world, A person on top of a mountain with their arms raised, and The top of a mountain
A man and woman dancing with each other, Two people on a tennis court, Two men shaking hands, and Two people sitting next to each other and hugging
A person wearing glasses and holding their head up, A person yawning and holding a clock, People sitting next to each other at a desk with one person with their head down, and A child holding their face with their hands
A person wearing glasses and covering their mouth, A man showing something to a woman and her hands are on her face, A  blue and red eraser, and A man sitting a desk with a incorrect math problem behind him on a chalkboard
An object on the sand, An object out at sea surrounded by buildings, A woman with a stick and a man sitting down, and A view of the ocean from the side off of this object at sea
A person playing with a basketball, Chidlren in a playroom jumping, A child sitting on a red ball, and A blue circle with an arrow going up down and then up
A woman in workout gear and a megaphone, Two people icons and one pushing the other one up a green arrow, A woman sitting down and typing while a man looks over her shoulder, and A bunch of food signs next to each other
A person sitting a desk with a pencil, A person using a music bored with knobs, A man in an orange vest and white helmet fixing a railroad track, and A man with a yellow helmet and rulers and pencils around him
Three people sitting on the couch with their arms raised, A woman holding a microphone, A bed with pillows and sheets on them, and A newspaper
A child swimming with someone holding them, Two people sitting at a computer together, A person driving with someone, and A person instructing a workout class
Sheets of paper coming out of a printer, A woman sitting at a desk with a headset on, A group of people standing close to one another, and A line of cars in traffic
A woman in a work outfit, A board with a green and pink sticky note on it, A group of people sitting in front of a big white screen, and A pocket knife
A house on top of papers, A balding man sitting on a bench, A person driving a car, and The inside of a home
A person sitting on a cloud, A yellow wire attached to a yellow light, A blue lightning strike, and A woman thinking in front of a black chalkboard
A stick figure on one knee to another stick figure,, People sitting at desks staring at a red board, A white clipboard with red dotted lines and thumbtacks., and A group of people sitting around a white desk with papers in their hands
Students throwing graduation hats in the air, Guy wearing backpack and carrying book, Girl sitting in lecture hall, and Pile of books
Girl in red leather on top of man, Horses, Running past the finish line, and Woman sitting on man
House with key, Shaking hands, Man sitting cross legged in chair, and Shuffling deck of cards
Purple skulls, Cartoon boy crying in rain, Girl sitting on boy's lap, and Girl in black gothic dress