4 Pics 1 Word - All the levels with shooting image

3 fancy crossbows, A man shooting with an arrow, Red apple with an arrow piercing it, and A crossbow
A person shooting a bow and arrow, A seatbelt and a seatbelt sign, A bird cage that is left opened, and A movie clipboard with the word Premiere on it
A cartoon drawing of a Pirate ship, A big shooting device, A clown inside a shooting device, and An old shooting device
A shooting target, A signature on a piece of paper, A construction worker with a plan, and A business woman signing a paper
A cartoon man with a rifle, A person using a bow and arrow, A girl shooting a gun, and A tiger
A field with a white object in the middle, A man standing in front of a chalk board with an arrow going up and down and then up, A man drawing stick figures in a circle with one red in the middle, and A person shooting a bow and arrow
A gold and silver medal, A person in green shooting a gun, A woman wearing a green outfit with a red hat, and A bunch of people in green standing next to each other with their hands behind their back
The end of an airplane, A mermaid, A lizard, and Comets shooting in the sky
A person looking through binoculars, A man shooting a gun, A blue eye, and A scene of the Eiffel Tower
Handcuffed person, Person shooting picture with camera, Handcuffs, and Mouse trap
Oil spill, Man shooting gun, Gun barrel, and Kitten in wooden barrel