4 Pics 1 Word - All the levels with plant image

Witch plant, Cartoon of a witch, Witch on a broom, and Cartoon using magic wand
Cartoon image of a golden bird, Two cactus plants in a desert, Cartoon image of bird on fire, and Image of a bird
White mixture in a bowl, Jasmine flowers besides a glass, Jasmine plant, and White flowers
Basil leaves, Pizza with basil leaves, Pot plant, and Green paste in jars
Small plants, Three seedlings, Fresh vegetables in a bowl, and Cooked sprouts
The patio of a house, A house and a lawn, Chairs and a table with many trees around, and Flowers and plants in the patio of a house
Backyard with flowers and a sitting area, A garden with a barrel wheel barrow and forks, A sitting area with potted plants, and A bench and plants
A truck, A lawn full of plants and flowers, Grass growing in the mud, and A lawn with a lot of trees growing in it
Man with a cigar in his mouth, A hammock in the shade of palm trees, Two suited men wearing sunglasses, and A chair in the shade of a plant
Green bamboo stems, Bamboo stalks, Brown bamboos, and Bamboo plants in a forest
A man closing the window shutters, A shuttered window, A round object, and Shutters of a window with a red plant under
A brown horse eating a plant, the head light of a white van, The front light of a car, and the backlight of a car
Food in a plate with a fork, Cooked eggplant in a plate, 3 eggplants, and Sliced eggplant
A  big house, Green grass and plants in the porch of a house, A house with a very lighted porch, and Man sitting on a chair in the porch of a house
An open area, An alley with plants on the sides, An alleyway, and Bowling ball hitting the bottles
Man wearing white gloves, Gloved hands pruning plants, Women wearing gloves cleaning the counters, and Boxing gloves
A can watering a growing plant, 3 figures holding an arrow pointing upwards, Man watering a plant, and people handing in ascending heights
A green hose with drips of water coming out, A person putting out a fire, A woman watering plants, and A pink pair of panty-hose
A can with a red substance in it, A pan with a red substance in it, A green plant with red fruits on it, and A pizza made in the shape of a boot
A garden, A field with red plants, A basket with plants in it, and A bunch of different, bright colored plants together
A green plant with thorns on it, A plant inside a pot, A cartoon drawing of a dessert with a green plant, and A tall green plant with thorns
A red light, A light next to a plant and a picture frame, A light with a handle, and A flashlight
Three bugs, Bugs climbing over a branch, Bugs attached to a green object, and A bug near a plant
A person holding someone's hand, A person holding a plant, People forming a circle with their hands, and A bunch of people with clenched fists making a pile
A plant in the palm of a h and, A person climbing up a red arrow, A pie chart and bar graphs, and A young girl getting measured
An area with green plants, A clear jar with something in it, A green leaf, and A bunch of people cooking with one another
A row of brown bottles, A green plant with a red inside, A dog licking a man in scrubs, and A white flower on a stem
A child in a blue shirt, A person watering a plant that is pointing up, A bar graph with a person standing on the tallest one, and A plant that is blooming
A row of green plants, Green plants by brown mountains, A cartoon figure walking by bushes and one is burning, and A green plant object
A bunch of animals on a piece of wood, An object flying in the sky, A bee on a plant, and A child flying a toy airplane
Hand holding a plant, Tree trunk and green roots, Square root of x and y, and Carrots covered in dirt
A person getting a shot, A plant with pointy objects on the side, A fish in the water with a long tail, and A mosquito
A pile of cooking dishes, A a bunch of different colored plants, A big brown holder with gold in it, and A tea cup and holder
A brown grinder with a crank on top, A green plant with red objects on top, A bunch of brown beans, and A badge filter
A chemical plant with steam coming out, A car exhaust, A pile of garbage, and A man covering his face with a white mask
Farmer in wheat field, Indigenous farmer, Man planting in garden, and Child with livestock