4 Pics 1 Word - All the levels with pieces image

Earrings, Two brown pieces held together, Key chain on a clasp, and Pink colored bag
Chocolate chip cookies, Small pieces of mangoes in a bowl, Ice cubes, and Chicken chunks on strips
Woman being treated with a  massage, Man kneading flour, Person preparing dough, and Two pieces of bread being prepared
Glasses and napkin on a table, Cutlery and black napkin, Two pieces of cloth tied, and Napkin placed in a plate on the table
Man and woman celebrating, Small red papers falling on a gift, Girl blowing a whistle, and Colored pieces of paper
A hand squashing half part of an orange, Hand squashing a football, Onions, and Pieces of a papaya
Long wooden pieces, Timber, Wood being cut by a blade, and Lumber in the woods
A bowl of soup with pieces of bread, Pieces of croutons, A glass full of croutons, and A bowl of croutons
Man sitting in a pile of clothes, Crumpled pieces of paper along with cups, A couch full of wrinkled clothes, and Pile of crumpled pieces of paper
A black piece to a game, A person staring at a piece to a game, A bunch of black pieces surrounding a red piece to a game, and A black and white board
A bunch of different colored chalk, A variety of different colored pieces of chalk, A mountain next to the ocean, and A chalkboard
A piece of butter on toast, Cut pieces of butter, A big piece of butter with a garnish on it, and A butter in a heart shape
Two pieces of glass containing something, Four glasses containing something, A glass with green stuff in it, and A glass with green stuff in it with a Kiwi next to it
A red puzzle piece, A carpenter, Blue puzzle pieces, and A jigsaw puzzle
Four different colored objects, Four different types of ice cream on one object, A bowling ball hitting all the pins, and Colorful game pieces and a dice.
A child blowing a bubble, A tree with something under it, A leaf with white pieces of chewing items on it, and A pair of teeth
A bunch of colorful objects, A wall made of an object, A child playing in a field, and A farm with rolled up pieces of hey
Blue yellow and orange yarn, Tennis racquet strings, Pieces of string and yarn, and Ribbon or bow made of yarn
A brown object out in the field, A workout machine, A football helmet, and Pieces of scrapped word
A person in armor, A cartoon drawing of a person on a horse going up to a green dragon, Two horse chess pieces with their head's touching, and A person wearing a gold crown touching a person kneeling with a sword
A person pressing a button on a elevator, A person pressing a button that turns green, A grey ground, and pieces of brown wood put together
A playing card, A white Chess piece with all other Chess pieces lying down, A cartoon figure of Elvis, and A Lion lying down
Sand Castle, Chess Board, Mansion with Fountain, and Chess Pieces
Two large white puzzle pieces, Pieces of chocolate, Slice of white cake, and Pizza slices
Four pieces of blank paper, A white piece of paper, Girl holding up paper, and Empty white thought bubble
Checking results, Signing a check, Chess pieces, and Green check mark
Cucumber slices, Pieces of cake, Sliced bread, and Lemon slices