4 Pics 1 Word - All the levels with machine image

Time bomb, Spark from a machine, Fire works beside Eiffel Tower, and Two screws placed together
A key lying on the map of a house, Land being dug by a machine, A piece of land, and Plane about to land on the runway
A horse race, A slot machine with 3 hearts, People sitting playing poker, and A roulade wheel with a white ball inside it
4 tiny balls, Person withdrawing cash from the ATM machine, Person getting money from the ATM machine, and Man standing at the ATM machine
Coffee poured into a cup from the coffee machine, 3 silver containers, A motor machine, and A lawn mower cutting the grass
Man wearing colorful socks, Colorful stripped socks, Person standing on the weight machine wearing socks, and Person standing on the carpet wearing white socks
Man cleaning the street side, Machine lying on the curb, Man on a wheel chair getting onto the sidewalk, and Man sitting on the curb
Long haired dirty man holding a spear, Oil extraction machines, Dirty human figures, and An oil can
A silver container, Group of small colorful human figures, Person's feet on a weighing machine, and Priest standing at the back of a podium
Women putting clothes in a washing machine, A stack of folded towels, Clothes handing on a line, and A laundry room
Four bottles of Soda, A glass with ice and soda in it, A dog holding popcorn and soda, and A cartoon soda machine
A cartoon object blowing in the wind, A puppet, An old article of clothing, and A person holding out a smelly article of clothing into the washing machine
A machine to make juice, Cut fish, A chef holding out food on a pan, and Oysters
A person knitting, A person knitting a blue item, A sowing machine, and A needle with black buttons
Colorful circles, Sewing machine, Spools of thread, and Spool of yarn
A black ticking time bomb, A fire cracker, A military machine gun vehicle, and A bomb in flames
Metal tools, A yellow and black zip tie cutter, A man using a sewing machine, and A welder
A girl weaving, The base of the Eiffel tower, A large sewing machine, and Thread spools
Sewing need and buttons, A sewing machine, Spools of colored thread, and Blue tape measure and thread
A scanner, A printing machine, A printing press, and A newspaper factory
A man holding a gun and carrying bags of money, Cartoon western characters, A man riding a horse by a saloon, and A slot machine
A woman breathing into something, A bunch of machines, A green water well, and A woman working out her arms
Couples in a cooking class, Sewing machine and fabric, Classroom, and Woodshop
A brown object out in the field, A workout machine, A football helmet, and Pieces of scrapped word
A field with piles of cut grass, Grass being cut, A person on a machine cutting grass by a tree, and A pile of cut grass next to grass that has not been cut
A device for the Piano, A big silver machine, A keyboard with blue and red knobs, and A person playing an insrument with music notes coming out
A person's hand touching a machine, A machine with orange objects inside of it, An animal on a tree branch, and A painter's board with a variety of colors on it
A person's hand touching a grey machine, A candy ball machine, A container with a blue liquid inside of it, and A person's finger touching a keypad
A car in water, A dog in a bath, A woman in the bath, and A woman putting clothes in to a machine
A bottle with a brown liquid in it, A bunch of big machines in a row, A bowl with a yellow substance in it, and A small brown bottle next to a clear bottle with green leafs around it
A person at the Dentist with their mouth opened, A slice of cake, A person handling a big machine, and A big sandwich on a roll
Musical notes, Lottery machine, Red green and yellow pie graph, and Sound controls
Colored paper clips and stapler, Girl using the copy machine, Group of people in an office meeting, and Girl answering the phone and taking notes in the office
teeth mold, cursive writing, 2 men shaving, and copy machine
Sewing machine, Pipes, Sewage pipes, and Woman with scissors
The End on a stage in front of curtains, Gambling slot machine, Loan Application, and Pen and coins change
Silver machine, Piano pedal, Sewing machine, and Boy learning to ride a bike
Beer bottles, Smoke/pollution clouds, Machines, and Hollywood road sign
Emptiness, Medical machinery, Faucet drain, and Shower drain
Guitar amp, Electric guitar, Speakers, and Music dials machine
Tapping on mores code signal tapper machine, Dancing in black tap shoes, Message signal code machine, and Faucet tap with water dripping
Golf club and ball, Man ironing shirts clothes, Metal silver machine, and Steaming ironing board
Man pointing, Push ups, Gym, Exercise machine, and Child pushing toy, playground