4 Pics 1 Word - All the levels with lights image

A set with lights and a camera, A group of people doing yoga, A girl wearing headphones painting on a canvas, and A man singing in the microphone
A stage with spotlights, A man taking pictures of two people on a red carpet, A man wearing a hat holding a mic, and A microphone
A wooden staircase, A large curved white building with yellow lights, Railway track, and A track in a park
A man singing, Cartoon image singing in a microphone, A man under spotlights on a stage, and A singing lady with a mic
A cartoon character on stage with three spotlights on them, A bunch of black face masks, A person performing theater, and A white figure holding a mask
TV, Stage with lights, Art gallery, and Pointing
A pen on top a white piece of paper with writing on it, A chemistry chart, A list of Departing flights, and An object with chairs around it
Two street lights. One with a red light and one with a green light, A bunch of railroad tracks crossing each other, A bunch of highways crossing through each other, and A four way intersections
A satelite orbiting, A table with scissors and paper, A chef holding out their arm and yellow lights are flying out, and A person making something with their hands
A judge with a brown hammer, Shiny swerving yellow lights, A cartoon woman in a rocking chair, and A person running on the street
A bunch of candles lit in a row, A shinning light on center stage, A city all lit up, and A highway with red lights going one way and white lights going the opposite way
Red curtain and white glove, Blue and purple lights and stars, Girl blowing butterflies, and Rabbit in a hat
Departure and arrival screen at the airport, Man and woman looking at map, Globe surrounding by famous landmarks, and World lit up with connecting lights and lines
Stage with pink and yellow lights, Red sparkles, Blue soccer ball, and Light show
Color meter with squares and boxes of different colors, Person in pink pointing, Car light indicators, and Back lights and head lights of cars
Sunset, Weeks of growth of embryo baby, Stage with spot lights, and Red curtain stage