4 Pics 1 Word - All the levels with light image

People standing on a bus stop, Train passing with red light on signal, Three people sitting in an area, and Traffic jam
Circle with a dot in green light, A fighter jet, Many green circles with three dots, and Computer setup
Chain around the waist, Lighting in the clouds, Storm above the sea, and Woman with stomach pain
Dent below the red light, Dented can, Damaged car body, and Rotten apples
Sunlight from a window, Sun shining in a blue sky, Sunlight in a jungle, and Solar panel
Board showing the schedule of flight arrivals and departures, Two pencils and a chart, A calendar with a date marked in red circle, and Paper showing a schedule
A set with lights and a camera, A group of people doing yoga, A girl wearing headphones painting on a canvas, and A man singing in the microphone
A street light, A lamp post, Lamp posts on a railing, and A street light
A stage with spotlights, A man taking pictures of two people on a red carpet, A man wearing a hat holding a mic, and A microphone
A brown horse eating a plant, the head light of a white van, The front light of a car, and the backlight of a car
A lighted sign saying "copyright", A girl showing a card from the car's window, A man taking notes while a car drives away, and Newspaper clippings on a tray
A lighthouse giving signal in the middle of sea., A red signal on a railway track, A red signal to stop walking traffic, and A person giving signal for the plane to take off
A wooden staircase, A large curved white building with yellow lights, Railway track, and A track in a park
View of the sky in a thunder storm, Lightening in the sky, Rough sea in a storm, and View of the sea and a lighthouse in the storm
A man singing, Cartoon image singing in a microphone, A man under spotlights on a stage, and A singing lady with a mic
A  big house, Green grass and plants in the porch of a house, A house with a very lighted porch, and Man sitting on a chair in the porch of a house
A warehouse, A white shelf with a hanging light on top, Women grabbing groceries from the shelves, and Wine bottles in a shelf
Taxi's on the road, Taxi's waiting at the traffic light, Man travelling in a public transport, and A car
A cartoon character on stage with three spotlights on them, A bunch of black face masks, A person performing theater, and A white figure holding a mask
A cloudy area with lightning striking, A cartoon drawing with the word "boom" on it, A woman cover her ears, while lightning strikes, and Lightning striking land
A woman with a yellow helmet, A man sniffing a glass of red wine, A figure of a light bulb with a brain inside, and A man fixing something with a white helmet
A red light, A light next to a plant and a picture frame, A light with a handle, and A flashlight
A white hallway, A theater, A grey walkway, and A walkway with a bright light at the end of it
A person holding their belly, A diagram of a person's body that is highlighting their belly, A person with measuring tape around their body, and A person in a suit holding their stomach
Girl driving car, Reading green book, Kids with folders, and Looking at car with flashlight
TV, Stage with lights, Art gallery, and Pointing
Windmill, Steam, Lightning, and Light bulbs
A window with bars and sunlight, A person sitting in a jail cell, A person trapped in a jar, and A person behind bars
A tunnel or arange and yellow light, A water fountain, Boom!, and A Volcano blast
Sail boats at port, A lighted dock, An industrial port, and Ships at the harbor
A fisherman holding a giant fish, A cartoon animal trapped in a cage, A girl laying down in bed sick and blowing her nose, and A robber caught in the light
A person  holding a light and black clipboard, A table cloth, A person on a track, and A red carpet
A bunch of people in orange outfit and a woman smiling, A group of four people dancing on their hands, A flight attendant posing by seats, and A man sailing on a boat
A pen on top a white piece of paper with writing on it, A chemistry chart, A list of Departing flights, and An object with chairs around it
Two street lights. One with a red light and one with a green light, A bunch of railroad tracks crossing each other, A bunch of highways crossing through each other, and A four way intersections
The inside of a house, A boiler area of a house, A white path with black objects on the, and A white light shinning on a white desk
A white flag on a stick, A person inside of a cage going in to water, A drawing of an elephant running with a person behind it, and Inside the underground with a hole letting in sunlight
Woman with blue eyes, Blue sky in the desert, Sun shining through the clouds and blue sky, and Child in front of green chalkboard with light bulb
A cartoon ghost, A person meditating, Two people with their arms out on the beach, and A child with his hand on his chin and a light attached to his head
A black swirl with a white hole in the middle, A cartoon judge with his hand raised and one finger up, A child with glasses on and a raised arm with a finger pointed in the air, and A spaceship with blue light coming out of the bottom
A person snow boarding, A figure of a person running fast, A stream of light of something that is going fast, and A man running a track
A satelite orbiting, A table with scissors and paper, A chef holding out their arm and yellow lights are flying out, and A person making something with their hands
A brown and grey area, A black and white drawing of a man chopping at a wall, A person pushing a cart in a cave, and A cave with a light on top and a rail on the bottom
A room with lamps in a row and book shelves, A man with a helmet on that has a light attached to it, A row of windmills, and A pile of chopped wood
A judge with a brown hammer, Shiny swerving yellow lights, A cartoon woman in a rocking chair, and A person running on the street
A stage with a red curtan and spotlight, A gold balcony, Two white masks, and The Roman Collesium
A person sitting on a cloud, A yellow wire attached to a yellow light, A blue lightning strike, and A woman thinking in front of a black chalkboard
Silver tape, A silver thermos, A tent in the snow with a green light in the sky, and A cartoon drawing of an igloo
A bunch of candles lit in a row, A shinning light on center stage, A city all lit up, and A highway with red lights going one way and white lights going the opposite way
Think Outside The Box, Girl Drawing, Light bulb, and Statue
Costume Mask, Doctor with Laughing Gas, Facial, and Robber in Black with Flashlight
Red curtain and white glove, Blue and purple lights and stars, Girl blowing butterflies, and Rabbit in a hat
Beam of light in between doors, Red curtains on stage, Blue ticket stub, and Black and white spinning wheel
Group of nurses and doctors, Men in military uniform, Lady in uniform, and Woman flight attendant speaking to man with ipad
Lighthouse, Danger sign with red beam, Girl reading with flashlight, and Forest clearing with sun shining through
Departure and arrival screen at the airport, Man and woman looking at map, Globe surrounding by famous landmarks, and World lit up with connecting lights and lines
girl on moon, night light, sleepy dog, and moon
robot with light saber, man with sword and gun, man with sword, and man holding sword
Stage with pink and yellow lights, Red sparkles, Blue soccer ball, and Light show
Green traffic light, Man in suit passing paper, Cars on the road, and Traffic jam on the highway street
Reading with flashlight, Reading with family, Man reading with light coming from book, and Crumbled paper and light bulb
Color meter with squares and boxes of different colors, Person in pink pointing, Car light indicators, and Back lights and head lights of cars
Sunset, Weeks of growth of embryo baby, Stage with spot lights, and Red curtain stage
Lightning cartoon, Lightening bolt, Camera, and Thunder storm
Binoculars, Couple pointing to something, Stage spot light, and Girl popping pimple
Doctors surgeons operating on patient in hospital, Person in funny ears costume, Scientist doing study in a lab, and Woman singing on stage with spotlight
Field of sunflowers, Frozen leaf, Lightning bolts, and Rain storm
Girl with curly red hair, Blonde woman, woman with light curly hair, Curled ribbon, gift ribbon, and Roll of film
Ring of starts, Woman with halo, Man with halo, and Halo of light, lit light bulb
Beams of light, Light bulb, Grey light, and Blonde woman, woman with light hair
To tell a secret, Person using flashlight at night, Child sleeping, and Woman making "ssh" sign