4 Pics 1 Word - All the levels with kids image

Groups of colorful objects, A group of people sitting together with a paper, A band with musical instruments, and Three kids playing together
Group of people looking at something, An arm with a wrist watch, 2 red uniformed soldiers, and Kids watching something
Colorful bumper cars being driven by kids, The front and back bumper of a car, The back of a white car, and A man taking notes while looking at an accidental car.
A clock with "time for kids" written on it, A girl holding a clock showing 40 minutes past 1., Brown leather bags, and A boy sleeping in his bed.
Girl driving car, Reading green book, Kids with folders, and Looking at car with flashlight
Kids laying down on the floor, A girl holding notebooks, Pen writing, and Boys and girls at a classroom
A Chinese dragon, An Oriental lady in a red dress and fan, A Mexican holiday, and Kids at a carnival fair
A man working out at the gym, A group of kids hanging on the bars, A person on the treadmill, and A girl on a stationary bike
A woman talking in to a microphone, Two women standing next to each other, Four cartoon birds in different colors, and Cartoon character kids standing together in the snow
Girl working out doing sit ups on a ball, Kids in math class, Women stretching and working out, and Army soldiers
Kids Tugging at Teddy Bear, Pie Chart, Trend Link, and Elephant's Back
kids at party, glass of wine, teenagers partying, and adults dancing
Girl with blonde hair with comb teasing, Little kids teasing each other, Women launching, and Hair caught in a knot together
Bicycle gears, Dominos, Girl with chain bracelet, and Three kids in a field
Chalkboard full of math, Counting game, Kids in classroom, and Calculator
Kids Jumping, Kids Drawing, Children in classroom, and Kids playing