4 Pics 1 Word - All the levels with jumping image

Splashing water, Man and girl swimming, Girl jumping in water, and Splashed green paint
Children sitting happily in Santa clothes, A man jumping in the air ecstatically, A couple cuddling with a baby, and A plate of dessert
A couple standing happily, Colorful human figures jumping in the air, Streamers decorated on a wire, and A fruit market
A tall rollercoaster, A bunch of people skydiving, A person bungee jumping, and A person climbing the side of a mountain
Jumping big whale, Whale leaping out of ocean, Killer/Orca whale (Free Willy), and Cartoon whale
Diving dolphin, Big mammal swimming in the ocean, Three dolphins jumping out of the sea, and Smiling dolphin
Bicycle, Jumping cartoons, Beer, and Bunny rabbit
A girl holding her hands open in joy, A girl cheering at her desk at work, A cartoon man jumping, and A woman holding a large bag of money
A girl jumping across rocks, A high jumper, February 29th, and A person jumping from 2012 to 2013
A ballerina, A girl in a tutu, A girl jumping through the air, and Pink ballet shoes
Cartoon children bouncing on balls, A person jumping on the trampoline, Basketballs rolling, and A cartoon person playing tennis
Couple in bed with alarm clock, Red haired girl jumping on chair, Man stressed at work in-between piles of paper, and Girl in red dress yelling
A person jumping into the ocean, A person swimming at the bottom of the ocean, Another person jumping head first in to the ocean, and Scuba diver
A cat jumping in the air, A fish jumping out of its bowl, A person jumping from one bridge to another, and A cartoon person jumping from bridge-to-bridge
Two cartoon figures and one is jumping rope, A cartoon bunny jumping rope, A bunch of figures in a line with one person in black cutting the line, and A woman walking and holding a bunch of items
Three Dolphins jumping out of the water, A Gorilla's face, A Tiger lying down, and A woman holding her chin with her hand
A person playing with a basketball, Chidlren in a playroom jumping, A child sitting on a red ball, and A blue circle with an arrow going up down and then up
A person driving a motorcycle with fire behind them, A person doing a trick on a dirt bike, A person balancing on a wire, and A person  jumping from one cliff to another
A snowy ground with trees, A mouth with a zipper on it, A woman signing to be quiet, and A cartoon Ninja jumping
A baby sleeping, People lying down with their feet showing, A person jumping in the air, and A person dressed as a pilot with and airplane next to them
Cliffs on water, Poker player, Person jumping between cliffs, and Card dealer
Kids Jumping, Kids Drawing, Children in classroom, and Kids playing
High-jumper, Woman jumping, Ski jump, and Man jumping in street