4 Pics 1 Word - All the levels with getting image

A table loaded with food dishes, Table full of different kinds of food, A restaurant, and A lady getting food from the dishes on the table
4 tiny balls, Person withdrawing cash from the ATM machine, Person getting money from the ATM machine, and Man standing at the ATM machine
A lady looking at an item in a store, Girl sitting at a restaurant table, Girl getting her hair styled at a beauty parlor, and Man serving tea to people sitting at a table
Floor being cleaned by vipers, Lady curling her hair with a curling rod, Women styling the hair of a girl using a curling rod, and Girl getting her hair styled by another girl
Dog hanging out of a car's window, Sea storm, Lady standing on the beach in a windy weather, and Women getting blown away by the wind
Man cleaning the street side, Machine lying on the curb, Man on a wheel chair getting onto the sidewalk, and Man sitting on the curb
A person getting a party, A woman with her hands on her face, A woman holding flowers and a card, and A man covering a woman's eyes
A woman with her mouth opened and red letters coming out, A person standing with letters next to her, A woman getting her eyes checked, and A cartoon mailbox
A person cutting a woman's hair, A woman getting her haircut, A person getting their hair trimmed, and A woman getting her hair fixed
A man in a suit, A woman typing, A woman sitting down, and A woman getting her eyes checked
A person with a breathing mask on, An virtual view of lungs, A woman brushing her teeth, and A person getting some air
Someone typing on a keyboard, Hands typing on a keyboard, Painted hands, and A person getting their nails painted
Kiwi with a razor, Woman shaving legs, Man shaving face, and Man getting a shave
A man standing underneath a large icicle, An exclamation mark on a yellow sign, A person walking a tight rope above sharks, and A person getting pushed off a cliff
Large blue and red brushes, A car getting cleaned, The wheel of a car, and A person scrubbing a car window
Arms in handcuffs, A policer officer and a criminal, A person getting arrested, and A person in trouble
A girl getting a massage, A girl meditating, A girl doing yoga, and A hammock outside
People under umbrellas in the rain, A dog shaking off water, A person getting their feet massaged in water, and A glass of coffee spilling on a keyboard
A plant in the palm of a h and, A person climbing up a red arrow, A pie chart and bar graphs, and A young girl getting measured
A girl wearing a red cardigan holding a coffee mug, A couple holding hands in a field, A young boy and girl smiling, and A girl getting a massage
A girl getting hand cuffed, A police officer holding a gun at a criminal, A person getting held up, and Criminal mug shots
A person holding a watermelon, A doll wearing a pink dress, A cartoon figure running, and A person getting their hair done
A person getting a shot, A plant with pointy objects on the side, A fish in the water with a long tail, and A mosquito
A person getting a facial massage, A white windmill, A chalkboard with an equation on it, and Children playing in the park
A person getting ready to paint, A person with a spoon in their coffee, A child looking into a pot, and A pot of food in it
A blue square object surrounded by different lines, A person getting ready to run on a red track, An "ON" switch and an "OFF" switch", and A racing tack for cars
Girl in sauna wearing head towel, Girl eating chocolate  bar, Girl smiling in field of flowers, and Woman getting a massage
Someone getting fired by their boss, Line of fire, Firefighter, and Holding a gun