4 Pics 1 Word - All the levels with four image

Text on a paper, Pencil and a paper, Four pages with text on them, and Joint alphabets on paper
A diary and a feather pen, A man writing in a journal, An open book, and Four dices showing the word "BLOG"
A baseball inside a glove., Girl standing on a tree bridge over a pond playing with net., Four birds catching a ball with their beaks, and A baseball lying inside a glove beside a baseball bat
Four bottles of Soda, A glass with ice and soda in it, A dog holding popcorn and soda, and A cartoon soda machine
A street with buildings in front of it, Four icons, A side view mirror for a car, and A pathway towards an arch
A city with four taxis next to each other, A walkway, A bunch of people standing around, and A road with tall buildings
A woman wearing green with shamrocks all around her, A four-leaf clover, A woman in green grass, and Two yellow ducks in grass
A group of hands forming a shape, A blue flag with gold stars forming a shape, A purple background with four silver shapes, and Two gold rings
Two pieces of glass containing something, Four glasses containing something, A glass with green stuff in it, and A glass with green stuff in it with a Kiwi next to it
Four and sugar, Cash money, Pizza dough, and Family baking
Four different colored objects, Four different types of ice cream on one object, A bowling ball hitting all the pins, and Colorful game pieces and a dice.
A bunch of people in orange outfit and a woman smiling, A group of four people dancing on their hands, A flight attendant posing by seats, and A man sailing on a boat
Two street lights. One with a red light and one with a green light, A bunch of railroad tracks crossing each other, A bunch of highways crossing through each other, and A four way intersections
A box with an envelope going inside of it, A sign that reads "Vote", Four cubes in different colors with an object on them, and A pie chart with four different colors on it
A red number 1 sign, A box with a person putting in an envelope, Four children in a classroom raising their hands, and Three different colored circles merging
A group of people around a desk, Two people shaking hands, Four people in business suits standing next to each other, and A group of people in all black
A woman with a tape measurer around her, Three keys on a string, Four different colored marbles, and Three people running towards a red line
A swirl of blue and white, A picture frame in the shape of tree with ovals hanging off the side of it, A DNA grid, and A group of four people smiling and holding each other
A woman talking in to a microphone, Two women standing next to each other, Four cartoon birds in different colors, and Cartoon character kids standing together in the snow
A treat in the oven, A piece of something with three cherries next to it, A slice of something with whip cream on a plate, and A person holding a chart with four different colors
A group of people digging, A man in a suit with four arms, A person writing with a gold pen on a sheet of paper, and A man holding up a tool
A movie theater with red chairs, A bag of popcorn, Four roles of film and a clamp board, and A movie theater ticket
Four pieces of blank paper, A white piece of paper, Girl holding up paper, and Empty white thought bubble
poker chips, straight flush, four aces, and men playing poker
four aces, roulette, slots, and man in Vegas
Four leaf clover, Woman with brown hair model jewelry, Piggy bank with clover, and Girl with blond hair
Four leaf clover, Lottery, Horse shoe, and Roll the dice, luck of the draw