4 Pics 1 Word - All the levels with feather image

A peacock, A dancing peacock, Peacock feathers, and A man wearing a hat and holding a cane
A diary and a feather pen, A man writing in a journal, An open book, and Four dices showing the word "BLOG"
A feather and papers, A black diary, An open diary and a pen, and A person writing in a diary
Bird cage, Feather, Peacock, and Red lipstick
A cartoon animal behind bars, A cage opened with feathers outside of it, A bike, and Batting cages
An old Egyptian-looking picture, A piece of paper with a feather and ink, A chalkboard with writing on it, and A piece of paper with writing on it
Woman wearing elegant red dress walking down stair case, Gold studded lips, Woman wearing green mask with feathers, and Girl in white dress surrounded by paparazzi
Empty stage, wooden floor, Empty red seats in a theatre, Restaurant table set up, and Empty cage with white feather
White feathers, Downward graph, downward slope, Feathered pillow, Down pillow, and People walking down stairs