4 Pics 1 Word - All the levels with drops image

Rain coming down, Woman applying face cream, Water drop on a leaf, and Drops of water on a fruit
Drops of water, Falling rain drops, Girl standing with umbrella, and Drop of water on leaf
Sun peaking from behind the leaves of a tree, Leaves with dew drops on them, A pond with long grass around it, and Wild grass and flowers in a forest
Drawing of person standing in the rain with an umbrella, Man standing in the rain with an umbrella, Heavy rainfall, and Rain drops falling to the ground
Virtual water drops, People playing with a colorful math toy, A piece of jewelry that has a big blue piece to it, and A book with Rosary Beads in the center
Drops of water on leaves, A black tear drop, A spec of water on a surface of water, and Wilting white flowers
A gold rectangle, A gold egg, Drops of gold, and Black and gold swirls
Red drops of blog, Vampire, Mosquito bug, and Drawing giving blood