4 Pics 1 Word - All the levels with dress image

Cartoon in snow, Statue in front of golden balls, Cartoon with green dress, and Two elves standing beside a house
Red thread in a black and white picture, Dresses on mannequins, Suit and a tie, and Woman holding scissors
Couple performing polka dance, Green fabric with dots, Two women wearing dress with polka dots, and Woman wearing black polka dot dress
Ruffles and frills in a cloth, A lady wearing a ruffled dress, A lady wearing a frock, and Girl wearing a frock with frills and ruffles
A brown dress with a string around the waist, A doctor wearing a white tunic and a stethoscope around the neck, A white cloth covering the body of an old man, and Men wearing tunics
A girl in a white gown, A girl wearing a black dress, A girl wearing the graduation gown, and A girl wearing a long white gown
A flower brooch, A decorative metal flower with leaves, Girl wearing a brooch on her coat, and A dress with a fancy button on it
A lady in a frock, A girl wearing a white dress, Women in a long frock, and Lady wearing a long white frock
Girl with long hair wearing a white dress, Cartoon women wearing a frilly dress, A blue dress, and Two red Indians wearing fringed hats on the head
Decorative sequins, A bride wearing a sequined dress, A cloth decorated with sequins, and Girl wearing a hat and a black dress decorated with sequins
Coat hanging on a stand and a lady standing beside it, Women wearing a pearl necklace, Girl wearing a long beaded necklace, and Cartoon girl wearing a short blue dress
Lady wearing a blue bow on her head, A lady holding a corset in her hands, A person wearing a vest, and A person making a knot from the back strings of a dress
Two hand and two arrow cursors of a computer, Arrow cursor of a computer, A monitor screen showing the green start cursor, and A cursor pointing at the web address space in a browser
Nail polish being applied on the nails, Lady sitting at a dressing table, Cuticles being applied on the nails, and Different types of nail polishes and brushes
Two ladies in a curtsey pose, A lady in a dress curtseying, Kid in a frock curtseying, and Crossed legs
A pink dress, A person about to step on a banana peel, A hill, and A person that fell on the ice
A bunch of letters on different colored rocks, A baby, A person putting on a name tag, and A web address
A row of dress shirts on hangers, A pile of jeans, A bunch of black shirts, and A row of clothes on hangers
A cartoon girl with blonde hair and a pink dress, A green doll with pins in it, A doll with a pink striped dress, and A doll with a grey dress on
A girl trying on a red dress, A queen size bed, Two young twin girls, and A pair of dice
A girl with long blonde hair, A girl all dressed up, A man wearing a tux, and A woman wearing a red flower in her hair
A boy thinking in front of a chalk board, A woman sitting at a kitchen table with her face in her hands, A person with a large red question mark, and A girl deciding between two dresses
A Native American with a headdress, A black and white photo of a native American, A blue policeman's cap, and The White House
A blonde girl with a flower crown and white dress, A bride, A woman wearing a viel, and A pink boquet of roses
A Chinese dragon, An Oriental lady in a red dress and fan, A Mexican holiday, and Kids at a carnival fair
A medieval dress, A girl with her shirt collar up, A man wearing a blue tie, and A dog with a plastic collar
A hand snapping fingers, A person holding their knee, Balsamic vinegar, and Olive oil and dressing
A hand grabbing someone's bag while they are sleeping, A person stealing a car, A black dressed man stealing a purse, and A pick pocket
A man breaking into a door, A man dressed in all black breaking a window, Cartoon house with a robber, and Breaking and entering
Three cartoon women wearing colorful outfits, A woman with a grey dress on, A bunch of barcodes, and A woman by a rack of clothing
A woman with a black hat on, A woman with a black object around her neck, A row of colorful dresses, and A purple couch
Couple in bed with alarm clock, Red haired girl jumping on chair, Man stressed at work in-between piles of paper, and Girl in red dress yelling
A bar graph with a green arrow going up, A child playing with a baby, A red line on a chalk board going up with money bags under it, and A woman in a black dress
A cartoon girl in a pink dress, A green figure in a dress holding something out on their hand and leaning forward to it, A Pink castle on white clouds, and A cartoon figure on a horse with a pink dress on
A fire behind an enclosed glass, A person dressed in red and black holding a gun, An animal standing up, and A dog staring
A child yelling in to a microphone, A child laying down wearing blue, A child in dressy shirt and red tie, and A child wearing a green shirt
A woman in a red dress, A plate with black and green food on it and fire flames in the background, A bottle of wine with a glass of red wine next to it, and A person with a red cape playing with a bull
A man and woman smiling and holding each other, A man carrying a woman in a white dress, A woman in a white dress holding out her hand with a ring on it, and A man and woman looking at something together
A person wearing a suit and tie with white gloves, Two hands shaking, A person in tuxedo with a white cloth holding out a black object, and A drawing of a wedding dress and person in a black tuxedo
A person holding a watermelon, A doll wearing a pink dress, A cartoon figure running, and A person getting their hair done
A  bee with a crown and stick, A person in a gold dress and red around them, A cartoon figure in a dress with red hair and red hearts on her dress, and A white Chess piece knocking over a black Chess piece
People staring at board and a tablet, A red chair, A red dress, and A bunch of different icons and logos over a white background
A movie screen with clapping hands around it, A red carpet with red rope around the sides, A person wearing a suit in front of microphones, and A woman walking out of a limo in a red dress
A row of people dressed in the same outfit, A bunch of graphs and pie charts, Two object, and Two Smart Tablets with newspapers on them
The great wall, A colorful dragon, A person in a red dress with their hand out, and Different symbols in a circle
A baby sleeping, People lying down with their feet showing, A person jumping in the air, and A person dressed as a pilot with and airplane next to them
A black door with a gold steering wheel in it with gold bars on the side, A file that reads Confidential, A girl in a white dress whispering in a boy's ear, and A woman with her index finger to her mouth
A woman praying and looking up towards the sky, A green smiley face, A yellow face, and a red sad face, A cartoon woman wearing a white dress and posing, and A bunch of different symbols
Woman wearing elegant red dress walking down stair case, Gold studded lips, Woman wearing green mask with feathers, and Girl in white dress surrounded by paparazzi
girls dressed as vampires, Dracula, cartoon bat, and bat
Red carpet, Red gown dress, Chalk board and clapping hands, and Microphones and red tie
Boy dressed as super hero in cape, Center of earth, Fireplace, and Girl trying on coat
Purple skulls, Cartoon boy crying in rain, Girl sitting on boy's lap, and Girl in black gothic dress
Man holding back, Woman in backless dress, Back of chair, and Man looking behind him
Red, green, and blue dices, Dot com, Polka dot dress, and Black and white dots
Web address, Tennis net, www., net address, and net, field net
Web address, Speaker, Blue doors, entrance, and Mail box
Child playing dress up, Soccer player, Comedic act, masks, and Electric guitar player
Bar Code, Dress Code, Lock, pad lock, and Word Code, Embedded Code