4 Pics 1 Word - All the levels with drawn image

An Ipad and a map, Circle drawn at a destination in the map, Binoculars, and A hand clock
A spreadsheet, The unit marks of a ruler, A man standing in front of a timeline drawn on a board, and Timeline marked with the words "Past", "Now" and "Future"
Many hands giving the thumbs up sign, A yellow paper with a smiley face drawn on it, A circle with a plus symbol in the middle, and A women cuddling with a man
Different images of a bride, Couple kissing on the bonnet of a car, Smiley face and a heart drawn on two fingers of the hand, and Man putting a ring on the finger of a women
Person holding a blood glucose meter, Cubes of sugar, A diagram, and Glucose meter on top of a paper with graphs drawn
Objects used for piercings, A women with thick framed glasses and a pierced nose, A girl in pants and a small shirt, and Round circles drawn on the naked back of a person
A calendar with a thumbtack marked on Monday, A paper with word "TO DO" written, A bell drawn in a circle, and A lady reading a paper
Human figure wearing a gold crown, A King and queen drawn on a stamp, A gold crown, and Crowned cartoon image giving a thumbs up sign
Line being drawn by the help of a ruler, Different sized weights, Fan units, and Different symbols depicting weight, currency etc.
A beach with two hearts drawn in the sand, The Eiffel Tower, Two people staring at the beach looking at the sunset, and A drawing of a historical figure