4 Pics 1 Word - All the levels with code image

Different symbols and signs on a paper, An open lock, An abstract design, and Codes, symbols and numbers written on a paper
Lock with a key, Finger print, A coded paper, and Man solving a newspaper puzzle
Morse code, A seeing eye dog, A girl blind folded, and A man with a ribbon covering his eyes
Three cartoon women wearing colorful outfits, A woman with a grey dress on, A bunch of barcodes, and A woman by a rack of clothing
A brief case code, A ship on the dock, A key in the hole, and A side profile of a blonde haired woman
Barcode, Track, Elevator, and Doors
Tapping on mores code signal tapper machine, Dancing in black tap shoes, Message signal code machine, and Faucet tap with water dripping
Bar Code, Dress Code, Lock, pad lock, and Word Code, Embedded Code