4 Pics 1 Word - All the levels with classroom image

The outside of a school, A gold statue, A bunch of people in a classroom, and A black graduation hat with a diploma
A person writing, Children in a classroom, a girl sitting at her desk, and A girl in school
Kids laying down on the floor, A girl holding notebooks, Pen writing, and Boys and girls at a classroom
A teacher and student, A Mom playing with her son, A football plan, and A classroom
Couples in a cooking class, Sewing machine and fabric, Classroom, and Woodshop
Third wheeling, Girl and boy in classroom, Couple time, and Feeling left out and envious
A red number 1 sign, A box with a person putting in an envelope, Four children in a classroom raising their hands, and Three different colored circles merging
Golf course, Meal dinner lunch dessert, Classroom, and People on computer
Chalkboard full of math, Counting game, Kids in classroom, and Calculator
Kids Jumping, Kids Drawing, Children in classroom, and Kids playing