4 Pics 1 Word - All the levels with cape image

A cartoon figure wearing a red cape and gold crown under a rainbow, A person wearing a red cape and gold row on one knee, A little girl holding a green frog, and A cartoon figure of a knight on a horse
A woman in a red dress, A plate with black and green food on it and fire flames in the background, A bottle of wine with a glass of red wine next to it, and A person with a red cape playing with a bull
A landscape shot of grass and mountains, A single red rose, A woman with her face to a bunch of flowers, and An orange watering pot with flowers in it
A man in a red and yellow shirt with a microphone, A man with a red cape, Dogs with sunglasses and party hats on, and A cartoon drawing of the word "Pow!'
kid with cape, kid superhero, green super hero, and man on horse
Boy dressed as super hero in cape, Center of earth, Fireplace, and Girl trying on coat
Black telephone, Night landscape with little tent, Silver balls and one red ball, and Baby crib