4 Pics 1 Word - All the levels with book image

Book and a wizard hat, Laptop with "Install" written on screen, Cartoon image of a wizard, and Cartoon image of a wizard reading a book
Headphones and a book, Audio mixer, Symbol of volume, and Different speakers in a room
Two doctors talking, Green plus sign, Books and medicines on a table, and Doctor checking medicines
A priest, Man reading a book, Three bishops walking, and Pastor speaking
Girl writing in a notebook, A laptop's screen showing a shelf of books, A notebook and a pen, and A man looking at a laptop's screen
A pen on a notebook, Wrinkled hands of a woman with a ring in one finger, A seal, and A paper on the table
A stack of books, A stack of coins, Hands of people on each other, and A stack of colorful cups
A diary and a feather pen, A man writing in a journal, An open book, and Four dices showing the word "BLOG"
Man sitting at the kitchen counter reading a book, A chef cap, cooking dish and a recipe book, An open book with a spoon on it, and A book, pepper container and spoons
A tank, The cover of a wedding magazine, Child sitting in a room with posters, and The cover of cooking book
A shelf full of books, A bookcase, Books in a bookshelf, and A shelf of books
People holding hands forming a circle, Book and a pen, 4 couples in different attires, and Pyramid and an Egyptian statue
A crucifix, Cross with Jesus on it, A crucifix necklace in a book, and A cross with mountains in the background
Lady wearing a black fancy veil, Lady with a net covering on her face, A bride wearing a white veil on her head, and A nun holding a book
Man holding a trophy, Lady in graduation clothes, A champion's stamp, and Child with a pile of books
Kid waving in the mother's hands, Women wearing a backpack waving, Man with a luggage waving, and Women with books waving
A music symbol, A white piece of paper with writing on it, A person writing in a notebook, and A chalkboard with music symbols on it
A child looking at a book, A bucket with string in it, A person knitting, and A person sowing
A woman looking at a book, A book opened, A person hiding their face with a book, and A bunch of people looking at a book
A candle next to a book, A woman reading, A pile of different books with a graduation cap on top of it, and A row of different books
A row of words, A blue splash with a lower case "I" in the middle, A megaphone with "info!" written on the side, and A bookshelf
Virtual water drops, People playing with a colorful math toy, A piece of jewelry that has a big blue piece to it, and A book with Rosary Beads in the center
Girl driving car, Reading green book, Kids with folders, and Looking at car with flashlight
The Facebook like button, A girl giving the thumbs up, Bows and arrows, and A woman super hero
Kids laying down on the floor, A girl holding notebooks, Pen writing, and Boys and girls at a classroom
An empty room with hardwood floor, A dog growling, An empty wooden book shelf, and A foot stepping on the ground
A girl in handcuffs holding her hands to her face, A  bunch of fingers pointing to one man, A gavel and an open book, and A girl sitting crouched alone on the floor
A person reading a blue book, A statue holding the scales of justice, A judge holding scales and a book, and A golden gavel
A woman sitting a desk looking at paper work, A woman standing in front of a book case, Scales of justice, and A man carrying a black briefcase wearing a suit
A stack of the books, A woman with a cap and gown on, A brain, and A man teaching students
A computer device on top of books, A water pathway next to the woods, Two birds on a branch, and A computer keyboard with a green key
A man with his hands on top of his head, A person's face behind a bunch of books holding up a sign that reads, "Help.", A person lying down on  a couch while a person sits up and talks to them, and A person sitting at a desk with a bunch of papers an
Man at his desk holding his glasses, Priest holding bible, Hands holding briefcase, and Business man in front of book shelf
A man in a suit reading a book scratching his head next to a pile of books, A person holding an umbrella with Question Marks falling from the sky, A person with glasses scratching his head, and A Person holding a computer with wires around their body
A globe with a mouse icon touching it, A person holding an electronic device with a number on the screen, A book with nothing written on the insight, and A person in a suit holding a white pillow
A person sitting on top of a filled suitcase, A person standing behind a pile of books, A person sitting down with a big bag on top of their lap, and A person stuffing their face with food
A toothbrush, A cookbook and some vinegar and a person stiring, Three buttons from a keyboard, and A tube with some green liquid coming out of it
A room with lamps in a row and book shelves, A man with a helmet on that has a light attached to it, A row of windmills, and A pile of chopped wood
A building with a variety of different colors around it, A white  building with columns around it and a white taller building next to it, A pile of books, and A person holding a child's hand
A newspaper, A bunch of red books with someone writing and a pair of glasses, A pile of magazines, and A closet filled with clothes
Knights armor, An old book, A figure of a man that looks like Robin Hood, and A bunch of different icons in a row
A cartoon judge, A woman judge holding a file, A statue of someone holding a balancing device, and A court hammer and books behind it
A blue circle with the letter "I" in the middle, A woman behind a desk handing over keys, A woman with a black camera, and A person holding a book while the other person holds a camera
A bunch of old black and white pictures, An old map with a boat steering wheel on top of it, The top half of a statue, and A bunch of old books in a row
Two people looking at a book, A row of books, A shelf of books, and Books together with a pair of headphones holding them together
A tooth, A statue of a man with a beard, A bookshelf, and A cartoon picture of a blue owl
Welcome in Different Languages - Bienvenue, Hand Signals, Books, and Do You Speak English?
Pond with Lilly Pads, Mouse Pad, iPad, and Notebook with Checklist
Ingredients with a piece of paper, Recipe book and spoon, Man drawing on white board, and Eggs and milk
Publishing warehouse, Stack of books, Newspaper, and Stack of newspapers
Old drawings of the world, Old, worn books, Egyptian pyramids, and The Coliseum in Rome
Students throwing graduation hats in the air, Guy wearing backpack and carrying book, Girl sitting in lecture hall, and Pile of books
Pocket watch, Swiss army knife, Wallet in jeans pocket, and Woman holding book
typewriter, book, elevator, and whisper
web browser, blue links, bookmark, and book
Reading with flashlight, Reading with family, Man reading with light coming from book, and Crumbled paper and light bulb
Asian Chinese noodles, Shirtless boy's back, Couple out to dinner drinking wine, and Boy taking notebook out of backpack
Bunch of matches, one burned, Man stressing out at work desk, Motorcycle, and Asleep on top of books studying
Pile of rocks, Father and son playing jenga, Girl holding pile of books, and Smoke stacks
News, ipad, ipone, Stack of newspapers, Two girls reading a book, and Mother and father reading book, story time
Check book, Cash, Credit cards, and To pay in line
Hitchhiker, Tourists, Man carrying books, and Danger on tracks sign, Don't trip
Stack of boots, Hotel booking, Girl reading book on grass, and Man reading book in chair