4 Pics 1 Word - All the levels with arrows image

A green arrow in a square, Black arrow in a box with "PDF" written on it, Circles with arrows in them, and Symbol of download
Sparrow sitting on a tree, Image of a sparrow and a heart, Two sparrows on a branch, and Colored pictures of birds
A colorful band with digits 1 to 5 written on it, A picture showing the water cycle of nature, Engine motors., and A diagram of colorful arrows pointing at each other
Cake with one slice cut, Math's division symbol, Road sign showing two arrows pointing in opposite directions, and A picture torn into two parts
A bunch of figures, A person with question marks around her head, A board with the word "Why?" written on it, and A woman thinking and arrows are around her head
A sack wit arrows in it, A cartoon bow and arrow, A cartoon figure of a person shivering, and A bunch of arrow
A person in scrubs working, A cartoon drawing of a person working, A rotation of arrows in different colors, and A chalkboard drawing of a process
The Facebook like button, A girl giving the thumbs up, Bows and arrows, and A woman super hero
A butterfly on a twig, Blue arrows going in a circle with different types of currency in between the blue arrows, A solar pannel, and A green leaf with arrows above it and different chemical elements in between the arrows
A red circle around a word, A bunch of number with red and green arrows in between them, A newspaper with people under it looking up, and A magazine with a TV remote on top of it
A person holding cards, A person's feet, Two arrows overlapping one another, and A person using two hands to mix them together
An old army truck, A blue water pump with a bucket under it, Grey arrows bending in to blue squares, and A wire plugged into something white
Three arrows hitting a red bulls eye target, Red line graph going down, Green and blue arrows pointing left and right, and Man's shows with white arrows pointing in different directions
Green sign with people and arrows, Man putting together something, Car factory, and Team in a huddle
Man choosing between devil and angel, White arrows pointing in different directions, Girl with head on counter, and Green check mark